Our Story

We first launched in October 2018 on our college campus. Back then, we only offered a face cream made with a vegan friendly base & lemon sugar lip scrubs. Overtime, we perfected our body butter formula to not leave a greasy or oily residue. We also spent countless hours taking classes/trainings and reading articles to further our knowledge on skincare formulation so we don't have to use bases. Our process is important because everything we offer, is tested on our own skin first to see how well it reacts since our skin is mildly-severely dry & sensitive with eczema. After we're in the clear with our skin, we test it on others & prepare to release. Fast forward to 3 years later, we have consistently grown & proved that our collection is high quality & actually works for dry skin. We have been recognized by Voyage of Houston & the one and only Mielle Organics. Learn more about how we solved our own skin problems below!

About Us

Our Problem
I'm India Nicole, founder/owner of Buttercreme Beauty (BB) and in 2017, I randomly developed dark + scaly eczema patches which caused my skin to become dry, irritated and cracked. All of which made me feel insecure about showing off my skin when my flare ups seemed unbearable. I invested so much money into store bought products, and the results weren't worth it. While I found some products to be better than others, they all lacked long-term moisture and actual skin absorption. Long story short, I still felt dry even right after applying what was supposed to provide moisture.

 Our Solution

Because of my experience with other products, I  wanted to create a brand whose primary focus was long-lasting moisture. So I passed out samples before officially launching. And in October of 2018, I joined vendor events/pop up shops. Buttercreme Beauty is a Black-Woman Owned, natural skin care collection that promotes self-love and self-care via skin care. We are a lifestyle dessert themed collection, expressing the need to treat yourself because you deserve it. Our collection features a variety of skin goods made by people with dry skin, for people with dry skin. Our goal is to help our buttercups show others why they glow different by creating easily accessible, natural skincare products that promote long lasting moisture. Here at the body bakery, we are "The Dessert for Your Body" serving up face, lip and body food for every mood!

Treat your skin like you would happily treat yourself to dessert because you deserve it. We are "The Dessert for Your Body" serving face, lip and body food for every skin mood!